kay porkForth Meat Supplies offer only the highest quality bone in and boneless cuts of Free Range Quality Assured and Outdoor Reared Pork including whole pigs from traditional breeds ensuring the flavour and tenderness is captured in every cut. We carefully hand select all cuts of pork to ensure we meet our customers’ exacting requirements.

Available Cuts of Pork
Whole Pigs (Head On)
Sides & Head
Free Range Sides
Rare Breed (On Request)
Leg & Short Loins
Leg & Long Loins
Long Loins
Short Loins
Short Loins x Chump
Hog Meat
Neck Ends
Short Belly
Long Belly
Hand & Belly
Hand (Single Bone)
Hand (5 Bones)
Boneless Shoulder 95VL (English)
Boneless Rindless Loins
Boneless Rind on Loins
Fillets (Tender Loins)
Boneless Shoulder (Imported)
Trim (Imported) 80/20
Collars (Imported)
Ribs (Imported)
Meaty Ribs (Fresh English)
Baby Back Ribs