kay baconForth Meat Supplies offer the highest quality British bacon, gammons and dry cured bacon. Like all of our products we will hand select the cut or cure which best suits the customer’s needs.

Available Ham & Gammons
Green Back
Smoked Back
Green Streaky
Smoked Streaky
Bone in Gammons
Boneless RTC Gammons
Horseshoe Gammons
Gammon Steaks
Gammon Knuckles
Gammon Joints
Cooked Gammon Hams


We offer Farm Assured British sausages made from only the highest quality hand trimmed prime cuts of fresh British pork which has been coarsely minced.
We also sell a wide selection of gourmet sausages which have been traditionally hand- made using only the finest ingredients to ensure they are packed with flavour. All sausages are finished in 100% natural casing.

Available Gourmet Sausages
Free Range Gloucester Old Spot
Wild Boar & Apple
Pork Honey & Mustard
Pork Stilton & Pork
Venison & Red Wine
Chicken & Apricot
Duck & Orange
Lamb & Mint
Steak & Ale
Guinea Fowl & Ginger
Duck & Hoisin Sauce
Pheasant & Tarragon
These are just a few of the gourmet sausages we offer, there are many more available upon request.


We also offer a wide range of continental and traditional cooked meats as well as pies and savouries. These are all available upon request.